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Welcome to ATITEC, your premier destination for TecDoc webshop solutions in the automotive aftermarket.

Our extensive and intuitive online TecDoc platform is designed to streamline your parts search and purchasing process, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. With ATITEC, you gain access to a vast inventory of automotive parts, backed by swift turnaround times and competitive pricing that set us apart in the industry.

As a leading TecDoc online provider, ATITEC is committed to excellence in every aspect of our service.


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Browse our vast parts catalog effortlessly from your phone or tablet. Our mobile-ready design ensures easy navigation and quick access to the right parts, wherever you are. Experience seamless searching on the go with ATITEC!

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Experience seamless searching for tires, lubricants, car batteries, and other universal parts with ATITEC’s integrated widgets. Designed for efficiency and simplicity, our user-friendly widgets ensure precise and swift discovery of the ideal automotive products.

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Fed up with the endless cycle of searching for automotive parts, copying OE numbers, and juggling different identifiers? Discover the solution at ATITEC! Our TecDoc webshop’s advanced search technology revolutionizes your experience by intelligently aggregating all relevant OE numbers in a single search. With ATITEC’s TecDoc online platform, you can say goodbye to the frustration of multiple searches.

Bringing to you our unparalleled TecDoc webshop search algorithm, designed to deliver comprehensive search results from the very beginning. Welcome a new era of efficiency and convenience with our TecDoc online platform.

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Experience the revolutionary feature of ATITEC’s WebCatalog: a TecDoc-integrated Original Part Number search. Simply click an icon on any article card to reveal a meticulously curated list of related parts, all connected by original part numbers. Thanks to TecDoc’s unparalleled accuracy, navigate through compatible parts with ease and assurance. Streamline your search process and access a vast network of automotive part connections effortlessly. With TecDoc’s precision at your fingertips, exploring the world of auto parts has never been more straightforward.

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Original Part Number Search in TecDoc Webshop: Swiftly navigate through compatible parts with confidence. Streamline your TecDoc online search and discover an expansive network of automotive part connections unparalleled in scope. Simply click an icon on any article card to access a custom list of interconnected parts, enhancing your shopping experience with precision and ease.

Discover the power of ATITEC’s TecDoc Webcatalog, fully integrated with TecDoc! Experience its functionality firsthand by watching our concise, 1-minute overview video.



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